4 Acres

4 Acres
Our 1 Year Olds!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Weekend Getaway - Oct. 9-12

Back in August I surprised Rando with tickets to the GA/TN game. Included in the gift was a cabin in the mountains, use of my mom's convertible, and other bulldog stuff. It worked out that the Friday before the game ended up being a furlough day for me so we got to leave earlier to enjoy some time shopping in Athens and then riding through the mountains.

At the game we got to see Rando's Aunt Debbie and my brother and sister (of course we see the 2 of them a lot but it was still fun to hang out with them). Dana and Adam actually got to sit with us. We would have liked to have seen a bulldog win, but we still had a great time!

The cabin was incredible! It was nice to relax and spend time just the 2 of us. We love our kids, but we also know it is vitally important that we keep our relationship strong! We ate lots of good food and did some shopping. We also got in a game of putt-putt. On the way home we made sure to stop and eat at the Dillard House. Thank you mom and dad for watching the kids so we could enjoy this time!

Halloween 09

Before I share about our Halloween I have to boast about my dad! Thursday at about 11:30 am he left Athens, GA on a bicycle (not a motorcycle) on a mission to ride to Jacksonville, FL! Several other HBC staff members joined numerous UGA Baptist Collegiate Ministries' students for the 2009 Ride for Christ - all proceeds going to send college students on the mission field this summer! Friday night dad pulled up to the Jacksonville City Limits still on his bike to a crowd of college students cheering him on! He rode 300 miles in 29 hours and 30 min. He was the only one to ride the whole 300 miles! This is a HUGE accomplishment! We are very proud of him! Of course Rando made sure we knew that he and Chip Cranford went 400 miles (in the support van).

While daddy, granddaddy, and Uncle Adam were enjoying (if that is what you want to call it) the GA/FL game Avery and Ryleigh transformed into Mickey and Minnie Mouse. They were precious! Ryleigh didn't like the getting dressed part, but she LOVED the attention later. Avery got tired of his costume after about 30 minutes at the Fall Festival. We just walked around and talked to people. Due to the rain the festival was moved indoors and the petting zoo animals didn't come. That was the only think that my kids could have done, but they enjoyed the people watching instead! They did get to see their friend Raleigh who was also Minnie Mouse.

Mickey and Minnie had fun with mommy, Aunt Dana, and grandma. After the festival we went to see Great Granny and Great Granddaddy Wynn! They gave lots of kisses to Mickey and Minnie!

It was a fun evening. Of course we wish the dawgs had won and that daddy could have seen them in their costumes, but we know he was helping raise money to send out missionaries this summer!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy 6 Month B-day: October 3, 2009

Avery and Ryleigh,

I cannot believe you guys are 1/2 a year old! You are so much fun and make every day exciting! I am truly blessed to be your mom!

Ryleigh, our first born:
You have a laugh that is contagious! You want all of the attention and we love to give it to you! You are a beautiful little girl! I love your BIG blue eyes that you get from your Aunt Dana. You are daddy's girl for sure, but you love your time with me too. You don't like to sleep because you are afraid you will miss out on something. I hear that you get that from me :o) You LOVE dogs. Whenever Noodle or Homer are nearby they have your full attention. You enjoy laughing at them and when they let you you enjoy petting them. You know how to get what you want whether it be by batting your long eye lashes or screaming. You are so close to crawling. You get frustrated with not being able to crawl. You still have a love for baseball, but you also like to watch Sid the Science Kid and football (especially the Dawgs). We are looking forward to all you will learn and do in the coming months! We love you so much and are blessed to be called your parents!

Avery, our little man:
Your smile melts my heart! You love to flirt and the girls seem to love you! You are so handsome! You are our laid back child. You love to observe and take things in. I think you get this from your daddy. There is no doubt that you are mommy's boy! You love playing rough and "flying" with daddy too though. You are always reaching out for Noodle and want her to cuddle with you so bad. You are also close to crawling. You are rolling everywhere. Just today you rolled up under my bed so that 1/2 of your body was under the bed and the other 1/2 was out. You are too cute! You love to watch Sid the Science Kid and football. You like cheering on the bulldogs with mommy! We love you so much and are excited about all that you will be learning and doing in the next few months. You are a true blessing to us!

Avery and Ryleigh, we love you both! You are both so different, but yet similar at the same time! You bring so much fun into our lives. Your daddy and I know that we are truly blessed to have such easy and good babies! We love you so much!

Busy Busy Busy

So I have not had a spare second to blog in forever. I really don't have the time now, but I have 2 rollers so during floor time I can't leave the room. I never imagined working with kids would be as hard as it has been! I knew I would be fine emotionally, and I have been in regards to separation from the kids. I never realized how much of a perfectionist I was at work and not being perfect would tear me apart!

I spent the first 3-4 weeks of school trying to figure out how I could quit. I have NEVER wanted to be a stay at home mom, but I was so down about not being able to be the best teacher that I was ready to walk out the door. Don't get me wrong... I love my school, coworkers, administration, and I have great students this year.

I am use to being able to work until 6 or 7 to have everything ready and be on top of things daily. Well, I can't stay past 3:30 most days with an occasional late day of working until 5 or 6. It has been a very hard adjustment for me.

All that being said, I love my children and wouldn't trade them for the world. In fact, after having our 2 flood days I know that I could be a stay at home mom even when I thought I never could be. I know that God has me where I am for a purpose. I just have to learn to balance the kids, work, and time with Rando better!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Birthday America

We celebrated the 4th in grand style! We loaded up the car, met mom, dad, Dana, and Adam, and headed to Gratis, GA. You are probably asking where Gratis is. It is in the middle of nowhere in Walton County (where we live). Gratis only has a gas station/general store. They have a jar out all year long to collect money for the fireworks.

Mom had fried chicken, chips, desserts, and drinks ready for us! Rando brought the entertainment - tailgating games! We had friends come with their families and they hung out with us at our tent.

I was amazed at how intrigued my kids were with the fireworks. They loved it!

We are so blessed to live in a nation where we are free! I pray that we never lose sight of how we got our freedom. Thank you to the many men and women have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. I am also grateful for my savior that laid down His life for my freedom from sin and death!

3 mths

WOW! I cannot believe my babies are 3 months old! The time has flown by. Managing 2 babies (and a husband) is getting easier by the day! Of course there are bad days where we take a few steps back, but overall things are going great! I love being a mom! Rando is a wonderful dad and jumps in to do whatever is needed!

Ryleigh Lynn:

Ryleigh loves baseball! She glues her eyes to the TV when the Braves are playing. She loves to swing in her swing as well. There is no doubt she is daddy's girl! She enjoys cuddling with him! She is most amused by looking at herself in the mirror. It is funny to watch her look at herself for hours. Her favorite toy is her Taggie (a glorified blanket). Ryleigh loves to eat. She doesn't waste food. She is now eating about 8oz at most feedings. Ryleigh is full of smiles! She looks just like Aunt Dana and is her little mini-me (oh my...Dana was a pistol as a kid).

Avery Lavon:

Avery loves Baby Einstein. He has also started showing interest in baseball. He likes to swing, but he seems to enjoy the rocking chair the most. He is mommy's boy! He loves to curl up on mommy! He enjoys looking at the dog on their play mat. His favorite toy is also the Taggie. Avery doesn't eat as much as Ryleigh. He eats about 5-6 oz each feeding. He has started to smile lately. His smiles will melt your heart! He is his Great-granddaddy's buddy!

Both kids are unique but loved equally! We are so blessed by them! Enjoy the slide show of their first few months!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day (and Mother's Day)

For some reason I have been too busy to blog (hmmmmm probably the 2 kids I have now). I usually get to type with one hand and just can't do a whole blog that way. I never got around to doing a mother's day blog so I will combine the two.

First, I have to talk about the newest father in my life! Rando is an incredible dad to Avery and Ryleigh. Every night he stays up late to help with the last feeding. He changes diapers, makes bottles, plays, and holds the kids. It is so much fun watching him be a dad. Before Avery and Ryleigh were born he had never been around a baby - much less 2 at a time. You would never know it. The next thing I have to teach him is how to do bath time! God truly blessed me with Rando 8 years ago and he is a blessing to our kids as well!

Now I want to thank my parents for the millions of things they have done for me!

1. They have always loved unconditionally. I was not perfect (even though I like to claim I was the perfect child but we all know that is not true), but they loved me in the good and bad times!

2. They let us be kids! We never had to be the "perfect little preacher's kids". We were able to be a part of our community through school, sports, activities, and church of course.

3. They prayed for us before we were even born and never quit. They prayed for my spouse and God answered far beyond our imaginations!

4. They raised us in a wonderful church!

5. As dad preached about yesterday they were practical. Biblical principals were taught each and every day through their lives and the events of our lives.

6. My dad let me travel with him which meant more than he will ever know! I have gone all over North Georgia with him as he spoke in churches. I enjoyed that special daddy/daughter time! As I grew older and moved off he also allowed me to join him for staff lunch when I was in town.

7. My mom taught me the role of the pastor's wife. Pastor's wives do not have to be involved in every ministry the church offers (many churches expect this). Our role is to support our husband, be the constant in the home, create a loving and refreshing environment for him to come home to, pray for him, and support his ministry.

8. I'll never forget the day dad met me at softball practice with a ticket to a Braves playoff game. He had been given this ticket to go with some of the staff. He knew my love for baseball and surprised me with it. I spent the evening with some of the Hebron staff at the game while dad stayed back in Dacula! He could have given that coveted ticket to anyone, but he chose to give it to me!

9. They were at every ball game, awards ceremony, and church program possible. I always had the best dressed dad at Friday and Saturday games as he would come in his suits/tuxes before or after weddings. Mom drove all over Gwinnett and surrounding counties to get the 3 of us where we needed to be! They sacrificed so much so that we could be involved in the things we loved!

10. They are wonderful grandparents! I enjoy watching them with the kids. Mom has that special touch to calm a fussy baby and dad seems to make the kids giggle!

I am truly blessed by a wonderful husband and awesome parents! Thank you God for these blessings and so many more!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Thank you

WOW! We have been so blessed by our church family, friends, and family. The meals, cards, gifts, extra hands, and especially prayers have been greatly appreciated! Thank you for being the hands and feet of Christ!

Introducing Avery and Ryleigh

This post is long overdue, but as you can imagine life is pretty busy now!

On April 3, 2009 our restful Friday quickly turned into a very eventful and exciting day when Ryleigh broke her water. Rando's response was priceless when I told him. We soon headed to Emory Eastside and at 2:53 pm welcomed Ryleigh Lynn into the world. 2 minutes later we welcomed Avery Lavon. Ryleigh weighed 4 lbs 7.4 oz and was 17 1/4 in.long. Avery weighed 5 lbs 6.6 oz and was 18 3/4 in. long. The c-section went smooth and was a neat experience. I had never had any type of surgery before. Avery struggled with breathing so he was taken to the NICU. Ryleigh went on to our room with her daddy while I spent time in recovery.

As you can imagine our families were ecstatic! Ryleigh got lots of attention that first day. Later in the day Rando and both sets of grandparents got to go see Avery in the NICU. After everyone left for the evening (except for Rando) my blood pressure shot up and my kidneys began to fail. We got wheeled back to labor and delivery and I was given several medications including magnesium. The biggest problem with this was I wasn't allowed out of bed so I couldn't go see Avery. One benefit was that Rando had no choice but to change diapers so he got to change his first diaper ever when Ryleigh had a dirty and no one else was around.

Early Sunday morning I came off of my magnesium and an hour later I got to spend time with Avery. Throughout the pregnancy I tried to prepare myself for the possibility of NICU and coming home without my babies, but nothing can prepare you for what you see in the NICU. Needless to say I was a mess. God blessed me with a precious nurse that hugged on me and encouraged me. Rando was at home that night b/c we had some things left undone and my mom had to stay in the room with Ryleigh.

On Tuesday, April 7th we took Ryleigh home from the hospital. It was very difficult leaving Avery behind, but as I look back it was a blessing to have some time to get use to having 1 baby at home. We spent the next 3 days going back and forth to the hospital. My dad, grandparents, and mom took turns babysitting Ryleigh in the waiting room while we spent time with our little man.

On Friday, April 10th Avery was released from the hospital. It was so neat to finally get to hold both babies at once. I am getting emotional right now just thinking about that moment. God has truly blessed us! We drove home as a family of 4!

Life is crazy, but we wouldn't trade it for the world!

Avery in NICU


Their first night in bed

1st family picture

Saturday, March 7, 2009

What I've learned during this pregnancy...

1. Our God knows what is best and when. If I had been told 2 years ago (when we started trying to have a baby) that I was having twins I would have cried for days. We weren't ready in many ways at that time. So many things happened this summer that made becoming pregnant and TWINS so much easier!

2. God has blessed me with the most amazing husband in the world. I already knew that, but now I am getting to see him as a daddy (even before the babies are here). Last night I came home and he had bought the book shelf I've been looking for for weeks. He also surprised me with a precious outfit for both babies! He loves putting their toys and necessities together and loves on me! I am very blessed!

3. 5 years ago I didn't understand why God told us not to move to Florida (I was ready for the beach), but now I know!!!! I am so fortunate to live 20 min. from mom and dad and then to work only 5 min. from their house! I don't know how we would have made it in Florida. Not to mention, we are now serving under the same great couple we would have been with in Florida!

4. I am blessed with incredible parents who have blessed us time and time again! I am sure dad has no idea what mom has spent (and lets keep it that way)! He has enjoyed going to Babies R Us and even picked out the gifts for one of the showers. Mom sent/brought very practical gifts to almost every shower. She is in trouble for the last one b/c I specifically told her NO more gifts! She listened to me as well as I listened to her as a teenager. I guess we've kept them waiting 8 years so they are enjoying this!

5. My sister is so patient and will make a great aunt (Adam will be a great uncle too). I know Dana had to get tired of going to showers, but she came to many of them to support me and her niece and nephew.

6. Gestational Diabetes is not as bad as I had feared. I've learned the tricks and can actually eat Chick-fil-A! Water has become my best friend b/c it washes sugar away!

7. There is no greater feeling that the kicks of my babies. This is probably the only time in my life I actually pray for them to kick me (that is how I know everything is okay). If they kick me a year from now there will be some trouble!

8. RLA and ALA (our babies) already crack me up. I sometimes just sit back and laugh as they are kicking and I believe must be playing together!

9. ALA gets tired of his sister b/c we saw him kick her during an ultrasound (and I felt it as she was kicked into my bladder).

10. We are so blessed with MANY incredible friends, family, and a 2nd to none church family! We have received everything these babies physically need through either the actual gifts or gift cards! It all started by a great shower thrown by Rando's parents and friends in NW GA and has continued daily! God has provided for our needs through wonderful people!

11. Harbins Elementary is the best school, and I'm very blessed that God placed me there! I have such a great support team around me! It is like a family and that is not found at all schools!

12. Missing Braves Opening Day is not the end of the world :o) Of course I'm not sure what I would do if I were due in the fall b/c I don't know if I could turn down GA tickets. Of course I am kidding! I am very excited about life with kids and know that our priorities and dates will be changing. Well, it is also easier knowing that mom is closeby and has offered to babysit when we get GA tickets!

13. It is actually possible to lose weight during pregnancy. If this continues we may have many more kids (Rando tells me to slow my hormones down). Seriously, I feel great and the diabetes has helped me to take better care of myself. After the initial binge of Dr. Pepper and fries (b/c my first few meals are planned out) I do think I will be more conscientious of what I eat b/c I now know that without these things I feel so good about myself.

14. The doctors that say to continue exercising even this late into pregnancy have never been pregnant. As good as I feel there is no way I could go walk the neighborhood right now!

15. This parenting thing is going to be a learn as we go thing! We are thankful God will be there to guide us and He has surrounded us with 2 wonderful sets of parents, incredible grandparents, siblings, church family, coworkers, friends, and extended family members that love, support, and pray for us!

Okay... enough of that. Maybe this is what Rando means when he says I have been a little emotional. Of course he was smart to say that it is not the crying and mood swing emotion but being sensitive, desiring to be close to him, and thought provoking emotional times.

Thank you all for your prayers and love!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

More Pictures

Busy, Busy, Busy... and it is just beginning!

It has been forever since I have posted! We have been very busy. Between work, church, showers, doctors appointments, and date nights we have been on the go a lot. Things are still going good. I am 28 wks (well, I will be on Tuesday) and I feel good.

This last week I did get frustrating news when they told me I have gestational diabetes. For those of you that know me I have to be the worse person in the world to get this. I am such a picky eater and vegetables are not on my short list of likes (except the ones they won't let me have like potatoes). I am doing good so far at keeping a healthy diet and reading labels for carbs. I will be eating a lot of meat and cheese between now and the day the babies are born. My sweet husband is being so supportive and finished some cake for me so I didn't have to see it anymore (it was tough, but he did it - ha ha). I did tell him that the only gift he has to get me for giving birth to his babies is to have a Dr. Pepper beside me for as soon as these babies are born!

Every kick and roll (yes, they roll across my stomach) reminds me how worth it all of this is! I am so in love with these babies and can't wait to meet them. Rando and I have enjoyed spending time in prayer every morning before work praying for these babies, their futures, and for God to lead us as parents.

Below are some pictures from our latest adventures. It is GymDog season so we are there as much as we can be. We've been to 2 meets and are planning on going to the Florida meet (I can't wait to boo at a gymnastics meet b/c they are always so friendly, but I hear you get to boo when Florida does their chomp on the floor routine). Yes, I know I am such a good sport - ha ha! We have also had several showers. We are so blessed with great family and friends.

I am going to put some other pictures on another blog. We hope you have a wonderful week! Thank you for your love and prayers!