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4 Acres
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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Change can be good!

It has been so long since I have posted. Life does not seem to slow down! Since before Christmas I have known God was paving the way for some changes in my career. At the beginning of the year I thought I would be at Magill for this year and next. After a rough first month of school I realized that may not be the case. We lost 4 kindergarten teachers due to not having enough students and if we had lost 5 I would have been gone (to another school). I did not want to this happen in the future and now I was at the bottom of the totem pole (even though I am grade chair and a leader in many areas of the school). Every thing is based on years of experience in the county compared to the others on the grade level.

After eating dinner with 3 great friends in December on the way home I just knew God was calling me to transfer. I had not told them at dinner, but I realized that the reason I was being hesitant towards transferring was these friendships. After Christmas I shared with my principal and she was 100% behind me. She was so kind and encouraged me as a leader and in future leadership endeavors. On Feb. 15th I put in for a transfer to a Dacula area school (Dacula, Harbins, Alcova, or Mulberry). Just this last week I got an interview at Harbins and was VERY impressed by Dr. Truett and the school.

All this to say.. I am going to be a Harbins Hawk! I am extremely excited about coming "back home" to the Dacula area. Harbins has the old town Dacula feel and the community is wonderful! God has truly blessed me with this opportunity.

The funny thing is the thing that was once holding me back is now an ironic situation. Out of my 5 closest friends at work none of us will be at Magill next year. We will all be somewhere different.

The hardest thing is leaving my parapro. She is wonderful and she will never be replaced! We have become very close friends! I am excited for her as she will be going to Rosebud Elementary (the new school Magill is losing staff and students to).

God is so good to us, and He has been faithful in showing me His will!