4 Acres

4 Acres
Our 1 Year Olds!

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Well, as you can see we have been very busy! Rando has been busy working and playing ball. I have been busy with school work, my ESOL endorsement class, and playing ball. We are enjoying playing coed softball together! At least we are together at the ball fields instead of having games on different nights and only passing each other.

Our weekends are full with watching or attending GA games, cleaning house, family things, or date nights! In September we went to the UGA / Western Carolina game. Chip (Rando's boss and friend) gave us the tickets! We had a great time hanging out with Chip and then getting to go to Adam's dorm afterwards! Last weekend, Rando and Chip made the drive to Nashville to see UGA take on Vanderbilt.

Update on things at school:
Things are finally settling down. My new students have adjusted well and are in the swing of things. After a scare that she was going to be teaching at another school, my friend Chrissy got a job in 3rd grade at our school (replacing a teacher that left). I know the teachers that have been displaced and in transition appreciate the prayers and support of the county. Most everyone is finally getting settled into the new jobs and making the best of things for the remainder of the year.

Well, hopefully it will not be as long between posts. It took a friend reminding me how long it had been since the last post.

Have a wonderful week!