4 Acres

4 Acres
Our 1 Year Olds!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Summer has arrived!

Yes, I know that summer is not official until the middle of June, but as a teacher summer starts the day I get out of school!!! This last Friday I said goodbye to some great friends at work and cried a few tears. There are a few people I am going to miss dearly, but I am very excited about my new adventures as a first grade teacher at Harbins! The last few days at work I spent a lot of time with two of my best friends, Chrissy and Connie. We shared many laughs, and I know our dinners out will not stop!

One of the saddest things was leaving my parapro, Claudia. We have worked together for all 4 years that I was at Magill and we truly were a team! I am grateful for our friendship! Here is a picture of us during the last week of school!

Now that summer is here I am looking forward to spending more time with Rando! The last few weeks have been very busy for both of us as I have been packing up a classroom and he has had basketball tournaments. I am also looking forward to time by the pool at mom and dad's. I decided this year to not do the tanning bed to save money and my skin. I need a tan and am excited about getting started on it as early as tomorrow!

I am also looking forward to more Braves games. This is always our favorite part of the summer. Last Friday we saw an incredible game (even though we froze) and we are looking forward to the next!

Have a great Memorial Day! Thank you veterans and current members of the Armed Forces for fighting for our freedom! Let us remember the price that has been paid!