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4 Acres
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Friday, June 13, 2008

Summer Fun and Holidays

I have to begin by saying how much I am enjoying summer! This break has been so nice! We have had a fun summer so far. A few weeks ago our friends from Rome came down so that the guys could play in the Hebron golf tournament. They had a lot of fun and us girls enjoyed relaxing and playing with baby Jacob. We missed Christi though as she had to work! After the guys finished playing golf we all took naps and then Rando grilled for us. Mark brought Natalie over so we had another little one to play with (we are fortunate to have them live only 15 min. away now). Notice in the picture below what Natalie's favorite toy was - NOODLE!

June is full of holidays for our family! On June 2nd we celebrated being married for 7 years! It is so hard to believe that it has already been 7 years. The best thing is that we love each other more each day! We are amazed at where God has brought us in our lives. We truly are blessed. For our anniversary we took advantage of the free dessert coupons that Dominicks sent us. If you live in Gwinnett and you haven't been to Dominicks you need to go. There is one on the square in Lawrenceville and one in downtown Norcross. We enjoyed a nice quiet Italian dinner. We got out of there fast so we went to play putt-putt (a favorite summer activity for us). I actually won. Rando says I must play better in the dark b/c the place forgot to turn on the lights. Here we are on our anniversary date.

After our anniversary comes the birthdays. Dad's is June 6th and mine is the 8th. On Friday night we went to Bugaboo Creek to celebrate mine and dad's birthdays. Below is a picture of me with the lovely moose that sang to us. I wish I had the picture of dad with the moose, but Rando refused to take a picture of that b/c he said dad was his boss and he liked his job :o). Dana has one though if you want to see it. She is the child that can get away with that stuff!

Sunday after church just the two of us celebrated my birthday. First, Rando showered me with gifts. He really spoils me! After our Sunday afternoon nap (Rando knows that even birthday celebrations can't interrupt my Sun. nap) Rando surprised me by taking me to the Cheesecake Factory. I had just gotten done telling his mom on the phone that I wasn't much into birthday cake. It really isn't something we have done in my family since we became teenagers and adults (I have learned that I have accidentally broken the Acres' tradition on that one b/c we don't do cake for Rando's birthday either - of course I am sure we will for our kids one day), but the Cheesecake Factory was the perfect birthday cake. They even decorated my piece (of course they don't give it to you free for your birthday though). We had a great time, and I loved my surprise!

This last week we were BUSY with Vacation Bible Camp (VBS combined with Children's Camp). We worked in recreation. The inflatables were a HUGE hit. Of course we had about as much fun as the kids did on the stuff. You should have seen Rando doing the big space shuttle. We had a great week as over 2700 kids came at one point or another to VBC. There were a lot of decisions for Christ made! God moved in an incredible way! We are so blessed to be a part of a great church that LOVES to reach out to the community! Here are some pictures from VBC rec!

The famous space shuttle.

Rando getting off of the space shuttle after coming down backwards!

The big inflatables

A few smaller ones

Saying goodbye to the space shuttle

Have a great week and try to stay cool! We love you all!