4 Acres

4 Acres
Our 1 Year Olds!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Life and Its Curve Balls

WOW! The last month has been a roller coaster! After celebrating the kids' 1st birthday life changed fast! Easter Sunday I got a voice mail from my granddad saying his brother had a stroke and wasn't doing well. Uncle Jerry passed away later that day. My heart broke for my granddad as he lost his last living sibling. He and Jerry had been through so much together over the years (they lost both their parents before my granddad was 6 years old)!

As spring break came to a close and we went back to normal activities "normal" didn't last long. On Monday, April 12th, I walked out of a meeting to find a coworker telling me she saw my husband in the parking lot. I said, "That can't be good." She tried to assure me everything was okay because he had the kids with him. That made it even worse. The kids were suppose to be with my grandparents and Rando was suppose to be in a meeting. He told me my grandmother had fallen while watching the kids and was taken to the hospital via ambulance. So many thoughts rushed through my mind. As I got to the ER Adam told me she had a bleeding in her brain. I remember the whole time having a peace that I know could only come from God.

Come to find out my grandmother had a stroke. She did not wake up for 5 days after her brain surgery. I remember going to bed one night longing to hear her offer me some food 1 more time! I promise I would take her up on it! So many of her little facial expressions and gestures kept replaying in my head. I miss sitting on their couch listening to her stories and watching her play with the kids! They LOVE their great grandparents! After several long days she did wake up, but to this day is still not completely the same. I do have to share that last week while I was at the rehab center with the kids visiting her in the middle of a random conversation did the offer to make me something to eat! Tears welled up fast on that one! You see, I have NEVER been to her house where she didn't ask me multiple times if she could make me a sandwich or something. I had to promise her that I would when she got home b/c there was nothing for her to make me in that room. It is fun to watch her with the kids! Her and Ryleigh laugh and play hand games. Avery just smiles at her as she calls him "sweetie".

I cannot wait until the day when I walk into the room and she says, "Hey Amanda!" It has been so hard to see her like this! She doesn't realize what is going on or that she doesn't make sense a lot of the time she is talking. They say it will all come back, but it will take time. I'm not very patient!

The sweetest thing about this has been watching my granddaddy love on her! We begged him numerous times to go home to get some rest. He has said over and over again, "I've been with her 60 something years and I'm not going to leave her now!" So precious! His love for her has been obvious to everyone that has been around them! She notices him, calls him by name, and loves to give him kisses! Of course he is right there to hold her hand, calm her down, and give her kisses too! I pray that Rando and I will still have that love for each other when we are that age! My grandparents have been sweethearts since they were 5 and 7 years old! Simply AMAZING!

We are so grateful for the many that have prayed for "granny", sent cards, shared kind words, and been there for us throughout this time! She comes home this coming week! It will be good to have her home! God has truly worked miracles! First, he kept her alert long enough to call my granddad and Rando so that the kids could be taken care of. Second, he made the surgery go very easily! Third, in his timing He woke her up! And he continues to work miracles daily. Nurses, doctors, and other caregivers have been touched by the love of Christ that is so evident in my grandparents!

Granny, Happy Mother's Day! I love you and can't wait to spend time with you tomorrow!

Here are some pictures of the kids with my grandmother before the stroke.