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4 Acres
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Monday, June 21, 2010

The Perfect Fathers' Day Weekend

As long as I can remember I have been a baseball fan. When Rando and I met baseball quickly became the perfect date. Our goal is to go to every MLB stadium. We've been to 4 so we have a ways to go, but next summer we plan on hitting the west coast for our 10th anniversary.

We've introduced our kids to baseball by going to 2 Gwinnett Braves games with them, but they had not been to Turner Field yet. We were given tickets for Saturday night and decided this would be the perfect night to let them enjoy their first Braves game! The night was PERFECT! We fed the kids in the car and then made our way inside the stadium. Our seats were in Section 212, under an overhang, in the shade, and right on top of the action! Avery and Ryleigh did an incredible job! Avery's eyes were glued to the game and Ryleigh went back and forth between watching the game and people watching. Homer came by and gave Avery a five. Well actually Avery would only touch him with 1 finger. It was cute! Rando and Ryleigh caught a foul ball. This was both of theirs first foul ball (I can no longer say I'm the only one in the family to have caught one). On top of all of this the Braves won with a walk off homerun! It was very exciting!

I heard over and over again how cute and how well behaved our kids are! We are so blessed with happy kids that love to go out in public! It is like they know the difference between playtime at home and public behavior. I'm sure there will come a day where we will want to pull our hair out (probably about the time they're 2), but right now we are just taking advantage of having the sweetest kids! This made for a wonderful way to celebrate Fathers' Day! I am so blessed to have a wonderful husband that loves me and our kids! He gets down on the ground to play with the kids, changes diapers, feeds them, and pitches in wherever he is needed! He is a team player and I greatly appreciate him! Avery and Ryleigh light up when they see their daddy! Rando, we love you!

The kids tailgating

Full and ready to go

Our family ready for the game

My boys watching the game

Daddy and his kids

Ryleigh enjoying the game

Avery's face says it all - he LOVED it!

Ryleigh and Daddy with the ball they caught

All 4 of us after a great game!

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