4 Acres

4 Acres
Our 1 Year Olds!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Birthday America

We celebrated the 4th in grand style! We loaded up the car, met mom, dad, Dana, and Adam, and headed to Gratis, GA. You are probably asking where Gratis is. It is in the middle of nowhere in Walton County (where we live). Gratis only has a gas station/general store. They have a jar out all year long to collect money for the fireworks.

Mom had fried chicken, chips, desserts, and drinks ready for us! Rando brought the entertainment - tailgating games! We had friends come with their families and they hung out with us at our tent.

I was amazed at how intrigued my kids were with the fireworks. They loved it!

We are so blessed to live in a nation where we are free! I pray that we never lose sight of how we got our freedom. Thank you to the many men and women have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. I am also grateful for my savior that laid down His life for my freedom from sin and death!

3 mths

WOW! I cannot believe my babies are 3 months old! The time has flown by. Managing 2 babies (and a husband) is getting easier by the day! Of course there are bad days where we take a few steps back, but overall things are going great! I love being a mom! Rando is a wonderful dad and jumps in to do whatever is needed!

Ryleigh Lynn:

Ryleigh loves baseball! She glues her eyes to the TV when the Braves are playing. She loves to swing in her swing as well. There is no doubt she is daddy's girl! She enjoys cuddling with him! She is most amused by looking at herself in the mirror. It is funny to watch her look at herself for hours. Her favorite toy is her Taggie (a glorified blanket). Ryleigh loves to eat. She doesn't waste food. She is now eating about 8oz at most feedings. Ryleigh is full of smiles! She looks just like Aunt Dana and is her little mini-me (oh my...Dana was a pistol as a kid).

Avery Lavon:

Avery loves Baby Einstein. He has also started showing interest in baseball. He likes to swing, but he seems to enjoy the rocking chair the most. He is mommy's boy! He loves to curl up on mommy! He enjoys looking at the dog on their play mat. His favorite toy is also the Taggie. Avery doesn't eat as much as Ryleigh. He eats about 5-6 oz each feeding. He has started to smile lately. His smiles will melt your heart! He is his Great-granddaddy's buddy!

Both kids are unique but loved equally! We are so blessed by them! Enjoy the slide show of their first few months!