4 Acres

4 Acres
Our 1 Year Olds!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day (and Mother's Day)

For some reason I have been too busy to blog (hmmmmm probably the 2 kids I have now). I usually get to type with one hand and just can't do a whole blog that way. I never got around to doing a mother's day blog so I will combine the two.

First, I have to talk about the newest father in my life! Rando is an incredible dad to Avery and Ryleigh. Every night he stays up late to help with the last feeding. He changes diapers, makes bottles, plays, and holds the kids. It is so much fun watching him be a dad. Before Avery and Ryleigh were born he had never been around a baby - much less 2 at a time. You would never know it. The next thing I have to teach him is how to do bath time! God truly blessed me with Rando 8 years ago and he is a blessing to our kids as well!

Now I want to thank my parents for the millions of things they have done for me!

1. They have always loved unconditionally. I was not perfect (even though I like to claim I was the perfect child but we all know that is not true), but they loved me in the good and bad times!

2. They let us be kids! We never had to be the "perfect little preacher's kids". We were able to be a part of our community through school, sports, activities, and church of course.

3. They prayed for us before we were even born and never quit. They prayed for my spouse and God answered far beyond our imaginations!

4. They raised us in a wonderful church!

5. As dad preached about yesterday they were practical. Biblical principals were taught each and every day through their lives and the events of our lives.

6. My dad let me travel with him which meant more than he will ever know! I have gone all over North Georgia with him as he spoke in churches. I enjoyed that special daddy/daughter time! As I grew older and moved off he also allowed me to join him for staff lunch when I was in town.

7. My mom taught me the role of the pastor's wife. Pastor's wives do not have to be involved in every ministry the church offers (many churches expect this). Our role is to support our husband, be the constant in the home, create a loving and refreshing environment for him to come home to, pray for him, and support his ministry.

8. I'll never forget the day dad met me at softball practice with a ticket to a Braves playoff game. He had been given this ticket to go with some of the staff. He knew my love for baseball and surprised me with it. I spent the evening with some of the Hebron staff at the game while dad stayed back in Dacula! He could have given that coveted ticket to anyone, but he chose to give it to me!

9. They were at every ball game, awards ceremony, and church program possible. I always had the best dressed dad at Friday and Saturday games as he would come in his suits/tuxes before or after weddings. Mom drove all over Gwinnett and surrounding counties to get the 3 of us where we needed to be! They sacrificed so much so that we could be involved in the things we loved!

10. They are wonderful grandparents! I enjoy watching them with the kids. Mom has that special touch to calm a fussy baby and dad seems to make the kids giggle!

I am truly blessed by a wonderful husband and awesome parents! Thank you God for these blessings and so many more!