4 Acres

4 Acres
Our 1 Year Olds!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

What I've learned during this pregnancy...

1. Our God knows what is best and when. If I had been told 2 years ago (when we started trying to have a baby) that I was having twins I would have cried for days. We weren't ready in many ways at that time. So many things happened this summer that made becoming pregnant and TWINS so much easier!

2. God has blessed me with the most amazing husband in the world. I already knew that, but now I am getting to see him as a daddy (even before the babies are here). Last night I came home and he had bought the book shelf I've been looking for for weeks. He also surprised me with a precious outfit for both babies! He loves putting their toys and necessities together and loves on me! I am very blessed!

3. 5 years ago I didn't understand why God told us not to move to Florida (I was ready for the beach), but now I know!!!! I am so fortunate to live 20 min. from mom and dad and then to work only 5 min. from their house! I don't know how we would have made it in Florida. Not to mention, we are now serving under the same great couple we would have been with in Florida!

4. I am blessed with incredible parents who have blessed us time and time again! I am sure dad has no idea what mom has spent (and lets keep it that way)! He has enjoyed going to Babies R Us and even picked out the gifts for one of the showers. Mom sent/brought very practical gifts to almost every shower. She is in trouble for the last one b/c I specifically told her NO more gifts! She listened to me as well as I listened to her as a teenager. I guess we've kept them waiting 8 years so they are enjoying this!

5. My sister is so patient and will make a great aunt (Adam will be a great uncle too). I know Dana had to get tired of going to showers, but she came to many of them to support me and her niece and nephew.

6. Gestational Diabetes is not as bad as I had feared. I've learned the tricks and can actually eat Chick-fil-A! Water has become my best friend b/c it washes sugar away!

7. There is no greater feeling that the kicks of my babies. This is probably the only time in my life I actually pray for them to kick me (that is how I know everything is okay). If they kick me a year from now there will be some trouble!

8. RLA and ALA (our babies) already crack me up. I sometimes just sit back and laugh as they are kicking and I believe must be playing together!

9. ALA gets tired of his sister b/c we saw him kick her during an ultrasound (and I felt it as she was kicked into my bladder).

10. We are so blessed with MANY incredible friends, family, and a 2nd to none church family! We have received everything these babies physically need through either the actual gifts or gift cards! It all started by a great shower thrown by Rando's parents and friends in NW GA and has continued daily! God has provided for our needs through wonderful people!

11. Harbins Elementary is the best school, and I'm very blessed that God placed me there! I have such a great support team around me! It is like a family and that is not found at all schools!

12. Missing Braves Opening Day is not the end of the world :o) Of course I'm not sure what I would do if I were due in the fall b/c I don't know if I could turn down GA tickets. Of course I am kidding! I am very excited about life with kids and know that our priorities and dates will be changing. Well, it is also easier knowing that mom is closeby and has offered to babysit when we get GA tickets!

13. It is actually possible to lose weight during pregnancy. If this continues we may have many more kids (Rando tells me to slow my hormones down). Seriously, I feel great and the diabetes has helped me to take better care of myself. After the initial binge of Dr. Pepper and fries (b/c my first few meals are planned out) I do think I will be more conscientious of what I eat b/c I now know that without these things I feel so good about myself.

14. The doctors that say to continue exercising even this late into pregnancy have never been pregnant. As good as I feel there is no way I could go walk the neighborhood right now!

15. This parenting thing is going to be a learn as we go thing! We are thankful God will be there to guide us and He has surrounded us with 2 wonderful sets of parents, incredible grandparents, siblings, church family, coworkers, friends, and extended family members that love, support, and pray for us!

Okay... enough of that. Maybe this is what Rando means when he says I have been a little emotional. Of course he was smart to say that it is not the crying and mood swing emotion but being sensitive, desiring to be close to him, and thought provoking emotional times.

Thank you all for your prayers and love!