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4 Acres
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Monday, March 17, 2008

Spring Training at Disney

WOW! 2 weeks ago we had the time of our life spending time together sharing in a mutual love for baseball! For the last few years we have both talked about wanting to go to Braves Spring Training and we decided this was the year to do it! God blessed us with great fellowship together, incredible baseball, fun at the parks, and beautiful weather. In 5 days we went to 4 Disney Parks, 3 Braves games, 1 evening at Disney Quest, met all of our favorite Braves, and most of all enjoyed spending time with each other! The parks were so empty that we got in all 4 of the parks and Disney Quest in 3 days saving 2 days on our tickets for the future (the plus of purchasing not expiring tickets)! I can't believe I haven't mentioned eating like royalty for 5 days! The Disney dining plan kept us full.

As you will see below in the slideshow we not only saw Braves' stars, but also NBA, NFL, and ESPN stars while at ESPN The Weekend at MGM. Jeff Francoeur and Tim Hudson got on Tower of Terror right in front of us (that will explain the picture of the elevator in the slideshow). We had so much fun we plan on doing a shorter and less expensive Spring Training trip every year that we can!

I cannot say enough how blessed I am to have a wonderful husband. God knew the exact one for me! The fact that we share a love for sports is just icing on the cake!

Enjoy the pictures!

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Spring Training at Disney 2008