4 Acres

4 Acres
Our 1 Year Olds!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We serve an awesome God - in the good and the bad!

The last week and a half have been so emotional. I have felt so convicted over being in a crummy mood because snow messed up my plans the other weekend. So many people are facing extremely trying and heartbreaking times, and I was upset over missing a gymnastics meet!

Last Monday, one of my sister's best friends was admitted into ICU with double pneumonia. This young lady is usually a picture of health and it is still hard to believe she is so sick. The week was a roller coaster ride for her family and friends. As I sat with Dana at the hospital I was amazed at the faith this family has and how when things seemed to be crashing they still had their eyes on Jesus and placed their hope and trust in Him. She is still in ICU and needs our prayers. Yesterday the family got some encouragement from 2 doctors. Keep praying for this young lady, her parents, sister and brother-in-law, extended family, and friends. As a big sister I also ask that you pray for my sister Dana as you can imagine this is hard on her as she watches her friend struggle.

Friday evening Dana and Adam were coming over to our house for dinner and Wii. Rando got called out on a horrible chaplaincy call that would just break your heart. Not too long later we learned that one of our college students, Justin John, had passed away after a very long battle with cancer. The 4 of us were saddened, but also rejoicing in the fact that he was no longer in pain. Justin is now in the presence of our Lord.

On a positive note we had a dear friend and one of our former youth give birth to a healthy baby boy. We got to go visit with them and hold this precious baby Saturday night. Friday night some of our good friends told us they were having a baby girl!

I say all this because I have been reminded over and over lately that our God (the 1 true and holy God)never leaves us. He never changes, and He never loses control. We can trust Him in every aspect of life: sickness, death, parenting, work issues, ministry, and anything else we may face.

I do not understand how people go through life without Christ! If you do not have a relationship with Christ talk to one of us or a Christian friend/relative. He loves you and wants to have a relationship with you!

GymDogs 2010

4 years ago for Valentine's Day Rando surprised me with tickets to see the University of Georgia's gymnastics team compete. He had no idea how expensive this gift would end up being. 4 years later we are season ticket holders and hope to add the kids next year to our season tickets. We love it (and yes I said we)! It is amazing how athletic and incredible these ladies are. They have won 5 straight National Championships and even though this is a rebuilding year we have posted the 2nd highest score in NCAA this year!

Before the season started we got to go to a Meet and Greet with the team. We took mom and dad with us because they are always so good to take us to fun things. A few years ago we took dad to a meet kicking and screaming and now he wants season tickets too! We also met my "second parents" Hank and Debbie at the Meet and Greet. It was fun to get to talk to the girls and get a behind the scenes perspective from the new coach. Afterwards we enjoyed a steak dinner with mom and dad and The Maxwells!

Most meets we are using as date nights, but on February 5th we decided to take the kids to their first meet. I was nervous about this b/c having 2 we do not have any extra hands when we go out just the 4 of us! They were exceptional! They both loved watching the people around them and the girls perform. During the floor routines they danced to some of the music. Avery who usually is not our waver waved at Hairy Dawg. Hairy came over and held Avery for a picture.

We are looking forward to many more years of making memories while enjoying some good gymnastics and cheering on the Bulldogs!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Babies' First Christmas

As a kid you think Christmas could not get any better. Well, it does! What a joy to see Christmas through the eyes of your kids! They do not understand the true meaning yet of course, but I pray that one day they will understand that we give gifts and bless others because we have been given the greatest gift of all - Jesus. He truly is what Christmas is ALL about.

The kids loved Christmas. They actually opened many of their presents and played with the toys. Of course there was some eating of paper and playing with boxes as well. We were blessed to get to spend time with both sides of our family and lots of friends! I can't wait until next year when the kids understand a little more!

Been a long time so I will back all the way up: November 09

During the month of November the kids found a new love: Hockey! Dad was given box seats for the Gladiators and we enjoyed a great night with family and friends! The box was perfect for the kids because there was plenty of space for them to crawl around and play. Ryleigh's eyes were glued to the ice though. We may have a future hockey player on our hands!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We spent some time at Rando's parents (mammaw and pappaw) and then rode over to Alabama so the kids could meet the rest of Rando's family. It was a great time to catch up! Of course the kids got spoiled and we ate some good food. We drove home late that night.

On Friday, the kids got to meet my Aunt Mae (actually she is my dad's aunt and my great-aunt). She has always been like a grandmother to us. Her son Ernie and his wife were there as well.

On Saturday, we enjoyed the GA/GA Tech game with some great college/20's students at church! Of course we enjoyed the outcome as well!

We closed out November with pictures with Santa. The kids did great! Avery got tired of Santa fast and Ryleigh stared him down trying to figure out what the deal was with the beard!